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About The Class

HIIT Step is an intense fitness class that combines elements of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with step aerobics. This class is designed to boost cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, and target the lower body, specifically the legs, glutes, and core, through a series of high-energy step-based exercises.

In summary, HIIT Step offers an intense and dynamic fitness experience that combines the cardio benefits of HIIT with the lower body conditioning of step aerobics. Whether you’re looking to improve cardiovascular fitness, sculpt your lower body, or enjoy an energetic and motivating workout, HIIT Step provides a challenging and effective fitness option suitable for participants of various fitness levels.

Key Features

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HIIT Step uses a step platform, similar to traditional step aerobics, as the central piece of equipment for a variety of intense exercises.

HIIT Step incorporates the principles of HIIT, featuring short bursts of high-intensity exercises followed by brief periods of rest or lower-intensity movements.

HIIT Step routines are designed to elevate the heart rate rapidly, improving cardiovascular fitness and burning a significant number of calories.

The primary focus of HIIT Step is on the lower body, including the legs, glutes, and calves. Exercises target these muscle groups for strength and endurance.

While the lower body is the main focus, HIIT Step engages the entire body for stability, balance, and proper form.

The combination of cardiovascular exercise and lower body engagement results in a high calorie burn, making it effective for weight management and fat loss when combined with a balanced diet.

Core muscles are engaged during many HIIT Step movements to stabilize the body during dynamic exercises.

HIIT Step classes offer a wide variety of choreographed step-based movements, keeping workouts interesting and targeting different muscle groups.

HIIT Step workouts typically follow an interval structure, alternating between high-intensity bursts and short recovery periods.

Instructors may provide modifications and options to suit individual fitness levels and needs, allowing participants to progress at their own pace.

Group HIIT Step classes create a motivating and supportive environment. Participants often find encouragement in the group setting, pushing them to work harder.

The dynamic and fast-paced nature of HIIT Step challenges balance and coordination, improving motor skills.

Many HIIT Step movements mimic everyday activities, enhancing functional fitness and making daily tasks easier to perform.

The intense and energetic nature of HIIT Step can be a stress reliever, providing an invigorating and empowering workout experience.

The focus on proper form and alignment in HIIT Step can lead to improved posture and spinal stability.

Muscle Groups

Class Schedule

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Fitness Class Timetable
Class Details

igh-Intensity Cardio and Lower Body Conditioning

Duration : 

45 Minutes

Intensity : 


Fitness Level : 

Intermediate to Advanced

Focus & Benefits : 

Cardiovascular Fitness, Lower Body Strength

Key Features : 

High-Intensity Intervals, Step Aerobics, Cardiovascular Aspects

Schedule : 


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