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Chronic Pain Management

About The Class

Chronic Pain Management is a specialised fitness and wellness programme designed to help individuals cope with and reduce chronic pain through a holistic approach. This programme combines various therapeutic exercises, relaxation techniques, and lifestyle adjustments to improve physical function, reduce discomfort, and enhance overall well-being for those living with chronic pain conditions.

Chronic Pain Management is a comprehensive programme that addresses chronic pain conditions. Whether you’re looking to reduce pain, improve physical function, or enhance your overall well-being while living with chronic pain, this programme offers a holistic and supportive approach tailored to individual needs and goals.

Key Features

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Chronic Pain Management often begins with educational sessions that help participants understand the nature of chronic pain, its causes, and its effects on the body.

Tailored exercise routines are developed to address specific pain-related issues. These exercises may focus on improving strength, flexibility, posture, and mobility.

Many exercises within the program are gentle and low impact, making them suitable for individuals with chronic pain conditions or limited mobility.

Participants are taught pain reduction techniques, such as mindfulness, deep breathing, and progressive relaxation, to manage pain and stress.

Chronic Pain Management plans are individualised to address each participant's unique pain condition and needs.

Exercises often include functional movements that improve daily life activities and make everyday tasks easier to perform.

Participants learn to connect with their bodies, practicing body awareness and mindfulness to reduce pain perception.

Nutrition counselling may be included to address dietary factors that can impact inflammation and pain levels.

Stress management techniques, including meditation and relaxation exercises, are integrated into the program to reduce pain-related stress.

Strategies for improving sleep quality and managing sleep-related pain issues are often included.

Group sessions provide a supportive environment where participants can share experiences and encourage each other.

In some cases, medication management and discussions with healthcare professionals are integrated into the programme.

Participants are guided in making lifestyle adjustments that can reduce pain triggers and improve overall well-being.

Participants monitor their progress in pain reduction, physical function, and overall health to measure the effectiveness of the programme.

Chronic Pain Management empowers individuals to take an active role in managing their pain and improving their quality of life.

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Class Schedule

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Class Details

A Holistic Approach to Pain Relief

Duration : 

60 Minutes

Intensity : 

Low to Moderate

Fitness Level : 


Focus & Benefits : 

Pain Relief, Mobility, Relaxation

Key Features : 

Individualized Approach, Gentle Movements, Mindfulness

Schedule : 


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